Limkokwing University achieves another first in fashion


Who doesn’t dream of being a fashion designer? Well, students of Malaysia’s premiere international university get the benefit of testing their well-known skills on Limkokwing Fashion Club- the world’s first fashion label created by a university.

Definitely another reason to find out how Limkokwing is making such waves abroad- remember their shows in London and Paris? Even the new store at Publika is designed by graduates at Limkokwing, and student photographers and models burst with energy in their campaign photos. Why not sign up?

It is interesting to shop the collection because it will speak of the students’ ideas and wants- there are sequined and leather fitted jackets, t-shirts and hoodies for both sexes, specially designed handbags, backpacks and other student essentials.

It’s good to know our flag is being flown high abroad. “The whole idea is to prove we can run our own brand as students. The world’s first thing is great, but came along much later,” said Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim, Limkokwing University’s AVP for Talent and Brand Development, a graduate herself.

Make sure you check it out. The brand has plans to be available online, and one should guess in all the 11 countries the university already has a presence- including the UK, Cambodia and Southern Africa. Visit for information on all their programmes.

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