Runway Report: : Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Spring/Summer 2013 Collections at Mid Valley


Lim Kok Wing showcased the talents of their fashion design students during Mid Valley Fashion Week last week. It was a bright, fun, cheery event, packed full of supporting friends of students and designers showcasing that night.

The catwalk was light as the student-models walked down the runway to the cheers of their fellow college mates. The designs, though very different from each other, had a uniformed feel to them, which was extremely interesting since they came from different designers.

Full Skirts

There was no shortage of full skirts through the show, which made the show feel pretty heavy, leaning toward avant garde, and glamourous instead of being easy and ready-to-wear, though there were one or two exceptions. The student-models did help in lightning the mood though, with their casual walks, and entertaining glamour-shot poses.


Prints on the runway weren’t all just the usual prints, some had a more raw feel it, and looked a little like graffiti or tribal art.

Cut Outs

Cut-Out panelling seems to be a trend among fashion students, and I don’t just mean in Lim Kok Wing. There were several looks with cut outs, and geometric shapes that gave a very edgy, futuristic feel to it.

Fish Scales

This scaly texture made an appearance during the runway show, and I must say I liked it very much. It was very versatile, giving the garments different feels as the young designers used different prints and sizes of the texture on their garments.

High-Low Skirts and Tops

This was my favourite trend of the lot. Though some of the skirts were left plain, some high-low skirts were lined with different fabrics, and textures that made me put down my camera just to take a second look.

Overall, it was an interesting showcase, though I wished they had used professional models on the runway. And since I come from a different fashion college, it was good to be able to be exposed to and see student work and talent that other fashion colleges produce.


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