Buckle Up Buttercup

Buckle Up Buttercup

You know what? Recently I've found myself attending a lot of indoor events and since I've lived in Malaysia- I'm not really fully prepared for ice cold spaces anymore.

This is when items such as the Buckle Bomber Jacket come in handy, it looks pretty heavy but in my opinion it's actually quite cool and lightweight.

Being a total shopaholic, I find it frustratingly hard to find WOW pieces in malls so when this jacket was released I was super happy as the buckle details and embroidered back look runway ready YET it's priced pretty reasonably for what it is.

When you're pairing a statement skirt and jacket, it's a no-go to choose a fussy top so this Essential Volcano Print Tee works perfectly- especially since the material is easy going and comfy to wear.

When it comes to fashion aesthetics, I've always been attracted to the Harajuku/ skater style so these Circle Ring Earrings are a must have. I have a limit when it comes to mix matching gold and silver too and since the jacket has icy silver zips- silver earrings it is!

I hope to see you soon Malaysia, 

Forever in love, 

Kat from the U.K

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