A walk on the wild side

A walk on the wild side

It's a blazing hot Saturday, 4 p.m in KL but Kitana Gu is still fresh-faced, bright eyed, and energetic. It’s been 2 hours of non-stop shooting with professional photographer, Emest Lee and the model still maintains her mad swag and rocks it well despite the hot weather.

She breaks for a while to take a sit, sips onto a purifying-looking orange drink with her feet curled up beneath her, and catches up with me.

"What swag?" she chuckles ,  "I guess it’s all about confidence, I have always been an advocate of women's confidence. Once you get it you can never go wrong with anything." she said.

Brunette, fit, and beautiful, Kitana’s persona is bold and comes off in all she does. The 24 year old mixed Korean-Uzbek is currently taking her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and Retailing at Limkokwing University.

“Fashion is fun and fierce. I had to transform my character to prepare myself for my future career,” she says.

When asked how she started modelling, Kitana describes her break . “I was just walking in the Campus Plaza on a normal lunch break, and one girl approached me to shoot for the University’s fashion brand, Limkokwing Fashion Club. I agreed of course, but little did I know that this would be my big break into modelling.”

She has since graced numerous catwalks at Russia and Malaysia fashion weeks for the brands Marc Jacob, XIXILI, LOGO, ZALORA, L’oreal , Swarowski  and many more making her definitely a fashionista and model-to-watch out for in the future!

Check out more of the “Native Indian American Inspired” shots below, with the beautiful Kitana in our fun beaded tasseled top.

This shoot balanced elegance, light and glamour within a powerful Native American Indian theme that is new for the Fashion Club. 

Photographer Emest Lee says, “I love how the outfit matched the nature and the setting of the shoot” and credits Kitana for her passion for modeling, professionalism and pushing the boundaries!

Kitana is fun loving, active and has a love for creativity! Since modelling at the Fashion Club she has grown in confidence and loves being able to create influential images where she feels empowered, stylish and glamorous.

Written by Emily Darnley
Photo Credits to Emest Freezo Photography




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