London Mind, Malaysian Soul.

London Mind, Malaysian Soul.

Being a London model, and modelling for Limkokwing is always a pleasure, especially when you get to debut The Fashion Club’s first Raya Collection. 

This collection beautifully honors the season of Ramadan and incorporates the essential, glamourous elements that Limkokwing is notorious for.


‘Malaysian Soul’ is an exclusive, 12 piece collection that intertwines the cultural elements of modern Malaysia. The official photoshoot continued to embody the collections’ themes of celebration and empowerment. 


I thoroughly enjoyed my day shooting for the collection and to have the wonderful opportunity to wear the variety of classy, modern and beautifully made pieces. Each piece in the collection holds a special place in our hearts at the Fashion Club office, and we hope they hold a special place in your hearts, too. 


The pieces in this collection are unlike any that I have worn before and they are true to the Fashion Club’s style, but provide a modern change for the brand. I am planning to wear some of these stunning pieces to upcoming events and occasions- they’re too beautiful not to!


So, why not unleash your inner queen and visit the Publlika store in KL or the Limkokwing University Campus store to see the innovative collection for yourself! 

At The Fashion Club, we want you to feel like you’re on the runway, every day. Pre-order your Malaysian Soul favourite pieces

By Emily Darnley 





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