A Perfect Blend of Culture and Fashion.

A  Perfect Blend of Culture and Fashion.

Events may come and go, but style definitely stays for long. Whether you’re rocking your boyfriend’s shirt in the morning, tantalizing the crowd with a little black dress, or standing out among the crowds by wearing a bomber jacket, style definitely provides an identity for individuals to look the best.                    
The same can be use to define cultures. At a general scope, culture is a tradition that has long been heralded by individuals. But, if you look closer, culture is a heritage that differentiates each individual and makes them better.

At the recently concluded 2017 Limkokwing University International Cultural Festival, both culture and style were combined in a delicate way which was proven by the cultural garments worn by various students, honorable guests, staff, and festival attendees. Attendees were enchanted by the flow of the Indian Sarees, mesmerized by the unique Lihiya of Swaziland, and enjoyed the various traditional garments that were on display during the one-day international cultural festival. It wasn’t just the students who were engulfed in the euphoria, notable guests and  performers such as Joe Filzzow and SonaOne rocked the stage in Limkokwing Fashion Club’s finest garments.

In addition, attendees were also seen sporting glamorous outfits courtesy of Limkokwing Fashion Club, the world’s first fashion brand by a University which highlighted the brand’s Glam Zone area at the festival. Throughout the cultural festival, people come together to create a sense of unity through diversity that further cemented Limkokwing University’s status as the Most International University in Asia.

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