Meet the Crew!

Meet the Crew!

Limkokwing Fashion Club – is a fashion label that has been an unstoppable, one filled with energy for almost four years now! What was once a start-up project, is now the ONLY label created by a University with designs done by our very own students! If chic street-wear is something that you dig, then this is THE brand for you.Bold and cool, in the University’s signature black, the brand speaks urban flare,  providing you outfits that you can rock on a day to night basis, from a morning of class on campus, to a smart casual lunch meeting, even a romantic night full of glitz and glam – you can be sure that we have you covered to be the best dressed.

Everyday on campus, we are given the opportunities to create, and explore our creativity. The excitement speaks to the near limitless potential for new relationships to be established and new ideas to be explored. Being in a multicultural school the students' train of thought is broadened than usual. They are exposed to different ideologies, practices and cultures. A person is able to absorb those tendencies and apply them to any situation in their life. They become more all rounded individuals with an understanding of the global audience and what it entails. This is why our beloved sales angels have incorporated the idea of global citizenship, as it is inevitable that you will work with people of different backgrounds.

So, what is it that brought this close-knit team together you may ask? It’s simple. Through a common ground called – FASHION. Their dress sense is all about swag, street, fun, funk and definitely being sexy. Here is what some of the crew members have to say about their love of each other and of course fashion. Ready to meet them? Here you go!


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