Bits & Pieces of London Fashion Week! Day 1 & 2!

Bits & Pieces of London Fashion Week! Day 1 & 2!

A week has flown since our breakthrough at London Fashion Week and now that the students are back, we thought we’d ask them to give us a detailed insight of what was ACTUALLY going on during the 6 days trip they had. While we could only initially tell you bits and pieces about what went down as we were not present for the show – the students had earlier agreed to record their day to day timeline in a travel diary.   


5 AM: First batch of students arrives at London Heathrow Airport with a warm welcome from London team. They were then sent to their accommodation and was given an hour to unpack. Shortly after that, the students and FashionClub team were then sent to the London Campus to prepare for model casting.

9 AM: Campus was surrounded by 10 beautiful models who came to audition to be in our show. Designs were fitted on them to see how they carry our outfits as we normally chose models who suits our brand and character well.         


12PM: Dato Tifanee finally arrives in our London campus! The whole team was there to welcome her with a luncheon following after her arrival.

2PM: Dato and students arrives at Freemasons’ Hall for another session of model castings under FashionScout in which 500 models were casting on that very same day! The models were casting according to their posing, walking, height requirement and also skin colour as we wanted to show diversity – just like what Limkokwing University is all about!  

9PM: The team packs up and heads back to the London Campus for a short briefing about the models as the team were going to cast another batch the next day. 


9AM: Second batch of students arrives in London and heads to London Campus to meet the team!

10AM: Dato and the team takes a trip down to Belgrave Square to visit the High commissioner of Malaysia, Dato Ahmad Rasidi Hazizi.

1PM: Model Castings starts again all the way to 10pm with 30 of the models shortlisted. They were required to try on the students’ designs once more for Dato to determine if they were to be taken in for the show. 


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