Slaying London Fashion Week!

Slaying London Fashion Week!

We’ve been for the longest of time, patiently waiting for this day and it finally came! Over 200 people packed up Freemasons’ Hall by 6.30pm on the 17th of February to witness what is said to be, one of THE fashion collection to look out for! Being the only University to participate at Fashion Week, the crowd was curious to see what the Limkokwing students could bring to the industry. Safe to say – the multicultural designs are STILL, even till this day, the buzz of the town!



Made out of a combination of streetwear and luxury, the collection explores treasures engraved within African and Asian fashion heritage that represents the different cultures of Limkokwing University in a whole. From rich cross-cultural fabrics of Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana and Iran, to extravagant accessories from Indonesia, Malaysia and more – it’s obvious that Limkokwing University IS indeed “Most International”.   

“This collection should represent where we come from,” Creative Director and University Vice President of Talent Development and Brand Creativity Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim muses. “Limkokwing is a very unique network. There was no way we would pass up the chance to say something about how we live and exchange ideas.”


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