Maximum Mayhem!

Maximum Mayhem!

The Fashion Industry is a booming one and the world believes that being a designer is an occupation full of glitz and glamour. Don’t get us wrong! It is. But what people DON’T see behind every smooth running fashion show decked in beautiful venues - is the blood, sweat and tears shed. Months of planning and sketching, weeks of preparation and long tiring last few days of amendments. Then again, nothing worthwhile is ever easy right?

While we’re only left with less than 7 days till London Fashion Week, our Limkokwing Fashion Club team and International students from the Faculty of Fashion, Lifestyle & Creativity are STILL working day and night preparing final touch ups to their designs. From fabrics of Indonesian Batik, to Chinese Broket, to Swaziland Lihiya - the designs conceptualize a combination of Asian and African cultures, in which represents Limkokwing University as a Global University with campuses secured in 3 different continents of the world.

Having Malaysia being the University’s home country, most of the designs are also beautifully crafted with essence of Malaysian race and culture to educate others more about the country’s rich heritage. We can only imagine how nervous but excited our students must be feeling now and we wish them nothing but the best for their big day on the 17th of February!

Note to our students: As you now hectically prepare for one of your by-far biggest opportunity yet, always remember that we are very proud of you! Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. So always remember that even though life’s a climb, the view will be great! 


The Limkokwing FashionClub Team



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