Beauty Queens are raving about Limkokwing University!

Beauty Queens are raving about Limkokwing University!

Who comes into your mind the moment we say Fashion Club? We say - The Bold, The Daring and The Confident.

Limkokwing Fashion Club is no stranger to anyone that dares to be different. It is a brand that speaks to those who dares of being the best, and that’s exactly what the girls of the Miss Tourism International Pageant are all about! The 22 year old pageant that takes place on the 31st of December holds the most extensive pageantry effort in promoting tourism industries worldwide and similar to Limkokwing University, these girls in the competition are able to gather great experiences of creating friendships with others from around the globe in a short period of time!

While the girls were at the University for a visit, they were taken into Fashion Club for a little tour. We promise we’re not lying when we say that there were LITERALLY glimmers in the girls’ eyes once they stepped into our campus store! All eyes on every little accessory, hands gliding over each and every outfit on a hanger. It’s obvious to say - these girls sure did fall head over heels with our items. Especially the painted sleeve biker jacker, shall we add! With every item worn, the confidence within them rose a little more. Although most of them were speaking to themselves in their native tongue and we couldn’t understand a single word from it, their big smiles and laughters filling the air had us convinced that Fashion Club is loved by not just Malaysians, but people of 59 other countries! Now THAT is what we call a global success! 

Fresh, positive auras filled the place and everyone was in awe of the many beauties that walked past them. But don’t be fooled, for beauty is skin deep but knowledge goes beyond! While some of the girls have achieved their Masters Degrees and phD’s, one of them even went a little further with her Doctorate studies! Overall, we can now confirm that being a solo spokesperson for an entire country isn’t a bed of roses. It takes someone that knows no-limits into helping the lives of others, to create a change for her country. A woman who is strong, determined and positive. THAT, is someone who screams Limkokwing Fashion Club! 

So tell us. Do the girls remind you of yourself? Are you confident in your own skin? Are you daring enough to go forth with your dream? Most importantly… are YOU Fashion Club material?

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