Magic Dance Crew

Magic Dance Crew

Studying just isn’t enough for some and I totally agree as making the most out of your time whilst being a student is vital as once you graduate- it’s time to say hello to the real world!

A handful of our students keep themselves occupied all day every day, rehearsing for the next show, learning brand new styles and doing Limkokwing proud by choreographing their own inspirational videos. You probably already know, but if you don’t, we take pride in pushing our students to be as unique as possible and we tried to capture this in our most recent shoot that took place in various locations all over Cyberjaya.

If you’d like to join Limkokwing Dance Club, feel free to register as we LOVE taking our time to teach and train new members. At only 200RM a semester with tons of classes throughout the week, it’s really not something to miss out on whether you’re a Limkokwing student, staff or a normal person looking for a way to keep fit, make friends and just generally enjoy yourself to music! 

Email for more information on how you can be part of our team!

Eunjin from South Korea wears our Painted Sleeved Biker Jacket and our Silver Ring Choker.

Aaron from Malaysia wears our Men’s Perforated Leather Jacket.

Garry from Armenia wears our Funhouse Jumper.

Bianca from Malaysia wears our Golden Tears Earrings.

Almos from Mozambique wears our First Cap.

Here’s me, from the UK, wearing the Cutiepie Earrings

Photo Credits to Garry Taiga Photography (Find him on Facebook & Instagram)

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