The Brand

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is introducing the world’s first fashion label created by students for students. Ready to take the world by storm, Limkokwing Fashion Club is a fun and glamorous take on the biggest international trends in the fashion industry. An exciting combination of urban flair and various ethnic influences.

Limkokwing Fashion Club introduces innovative designs made with the comfort and well-being of the customer in mind. From studded caps, sequinned and leather fitted jackets, specially designed handbags, backpacks, accessories and basics like T-shirts and hoodies for both sexes, it seems the stylish crowd may now halt their search. Each piece carries the charm and sleek edge of contemporary fashion and reflects in its core what it takes to be a trend setter and style icon of tomorrow.

The Learning Curve

Putting their practical skills to test, students of the university are encouraged to rise to every occasion and meet the needs and wants of the current generation. An industry driven institution that highlights the importance of being tapped in to what is relevant in the industry today, Limkokwing University provides students with the rare opportunity to enhance various necessary skill sets which will in turn heighten their ability to map out a clear path towards the future they envision for themselves.

“We hope to inspire our students, to make them feel closer to getting where they want to be, and taking the mystery out of starting your own business or brand. It is a powerful feeling knowing that you are part of something that supports you, and part of an environment or brand that makes you feel at home.”

Dato' Tiffanee Marie Lim

Fashion Club Creative Director & Limkokwing Associate Vice President

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